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Cette page est également disponible en Français ICI.
This page is also available in French HERE.
Web site in French

November 2017 : EasyFMC is linked to the Autopilot

Many EasyFMC users were thinking EasyFMC was not connected to the autopilot, probably because this was poorly documented, but this is WRONG !!
I confirm EasyFMC is linked to the autopilot so that the aircraft can automatically fly the programmed route by engaging the autopilot in NAV mode after the GPS mode has been selected. The documentation has been updated to add a new paragraph about this in the Flight Plan section, also available in PDF here.

July 2017 : EasyFMC for Prepar3D v4 Released

The new version of EasyFMC for Prepar3D v4 (64 bits) has just been released. For more information, please refer to the EasyFMC page, the download and purchase section now includes this specific version.

June-July 2017 : Release of Prepar3D v4 (64 bits)

The new version 4 of Prepar3D 64 bits has made all my add-ons incompatible. I am currently working on porting them to the new 64 bits platform. EasyFMC is already ported, it is now being tested and will be released soon.

I will probably not port the older add-ons, unless specific requirements from the users.

May 2017 : Primary Flight Display (PFD) on a tablet

Based on the experience of EasyFMC Mobile, I have started the development of a Primary Flight Display in a web browser. It is just a prototype but it shows it works fine, even on a low-end Android tablet. To know more, see the video here.
If you think this may be interesting for you, please let me know here.

April 2017 : EasyFMC Mobile now available

EasyFMC is now available in a web browser, it can run on any device: iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone and tablet, or any other device that can run a web browser such as Google Chrome,Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or other... It works everywhere.
For more information, please refer to the EasyFMC Mobile page.

EasyFMC Mobile on iPad using Safari EasyFMC Mobile on Android phone using Chrome
EasyFMC Mobile on iPad using Safari EasyFMC Mobile on Android phone using Chrome

March 2017 : Looking for beta-testeurs for EasyFMC Mobile

You were dreaming of using EasyFMC on a smartphone or a tablet, it will soon be possible with EasyFMC Mobile. This new version runs in a web browser so it can be used on a PC, on a smartphone, on a tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android, it works everywhere.
I am looking for beta-testers to test the Beta version only available for FSX at this time. If you are interested, please click here to contact me by email.

January 2017 : New add-on?

I have been silent for a long time because I have been very busy with personal problems, but I would like to come back with a new add-on. So many add-ons have been done that it is now difficult to find something that has not been done already.
I was thinking about what I know well, vector gauges for glass-cockpit aircrafts, especially for Airbus and Boeing modern airliners. This would include Primary Flight Display (PFD) with all the necessary flight information, Navigation Display (ND) with moving map (navaids, TCAS and route display), and Engine Information and Crew Alerting System (EICAS) with all engine and systems information. It would be a nice complement to EasyFMC.
These gauges would be automatically integrated in the FSX B737, B747 and A321 stock aircraft and would be easy to add in any aircraft by editing the panel.cfg file. I would be able to easily customize these gauges to make them compliant with other aircrafts, such as business jets or other jet liners.
I could also be able to release the same gauges in "External" mode, as standalone applications that connect to FSX/P3D with FSUIPC and possibly WideFS to run on a remote PC.
I know some "competitor" gauges of this kind already exist so I am not sure this project is interesting. Please let me know what you thinking using the online poll here.

March 2016 : External EasyFMC updated

External EasyFMC has been updated to add the keyboard mode and fix minor issues. Existing customers can re-downoad and re-install External EasyFMC without having to register again.
For more information, see the External EasyFMC page.

November 2015 : External EasyFMC released

External EasyFMC is available !! The popular EasyFMC is now available as a standalone application that runs as an independent executable, possibly on a separate computer (remote mode).
For more information, see the External EasyFMC page.

October 2015 : EasyFMC supports FSX Steam Edition

The FSX version EasyFMC is now fully compatible with FSX Steam Edition (FSX SE). Head to the EasyFMC page to download this version.

July 2015 : EasyFMC in Remote Mode

I now have the ability to develop a new version of EasyFMC that would run as an external application, so that it could be used in remote mode with the help of FSUIPC, even on a secondary PC using WideFS.
This is a hard development work so I would like to make sure enough people are interested before starting the development work. If you are interested, please let me know by email by clicking here.

April 2015 : EasyFMC released for Prepar3D

After being tested with Prepar3D version 2.4 and 2.5, a new version of EasyFMC is now officially available for Prepar3D v2, with the exact same functionnality as for FS2004 and FSX. The installation is fully automated for Prepar3D v2.
For more information about EasyFMC, see this page.
If you already know EasyFMC and want to purchase the Prepar3D version, click here.

March 2015 : EasyFMC ready for Prepar 3D

EasyFMC is ready for Prepar3D v2. Before being released, I would like to have it beta-tested with P3D v2.4 and v2.5. If you have one of these P3D versions and you are interested in beta-testing the product, please let me know by clicking here.

January 2014 : New evolution of FSUIPC Exporter

The FSUIPC Exporter product has evolved again to ease the life of cockpit builders. First, it has been updated to correctly take into account the differences between the A320 Series aircraft and the A330/340, especially regarding the ECAM Control Panel and the Autobrake. In addition, new offsets have been created to provide control of the TCAS functions and the weather radar in the AIrbus Evolution.
As usual, existing owners of the product can re-download the product here and install it without having to enter their registration key again.

July 2013: FSUIPC Exporter still alive

FSUIPC Exporter keeps evolving. Following a user requests, offsets have been added to provide the battery voltages for Airbus Series Volume 1. The new version is online. Existing users who upgrade to the new version don't have to re-enter the registration key.
For more information, refer to the FSUIPC Exporter here.

July 2013: EasyFMC Doc in French

French speaking people will be happy to know the EasyFMC documentation is now available in French here, or as a PDF file here.

May 2013 : Driver for the new VAS Throttle

Virtual Aviation Systems (VAS) has just released the driver for their new Airbus throttles for the Wilco Airbus Series. This driver is available here. It is free and requires FSUIPC Exporter. For more information, see the Cockpit section.


Pilot like a pro with this new FMC (Flight Management Computer), easy to install in any aircraft of your FS2004/FSX collection. While remaining simple, this FMC allows you to fully program a flight from scratch and fly it using the existing GPS guidance mode. It is available today with the Boeing (737) and Airbus look-and-feel. No navigation database to install and easy automated installation in any aircraft panel, keep it simple !!

For more information, please refer to the EasyFMC page.

February 2013

During the life of the Radar Gauge 2.0 released some years ago, some people complained that editing the panel.cfg to add the radar in an aircraft panel was not so easy. This is why I developed a small but useful utility, called Radar Panel Updater, which automatically updates the panel.cfg of your choice, according to the options you have selected, so that the radar is added to the panel in a separate window. It is free and can be downloaded now on the Radar Gauge page.

January 2013

It is still time to wish you all a happy new year 2013, full of health, success and hapiness !!
The new year brings a new bug... The trial period of 10 minutes for FSUIPC Exporter did not work since January 1st, 2013. This has just been fixed and a new version is available on the FSUIPC Exporter page. You can now test this product again, a trail period of 10 minutes after FS startup that lets you try FSUIPC Exporter before buying.

Customers who have bought the FSUIPC Exporter are not impacted and don't need to install the new version.

May 2012: fs9 Toolbox version 2

The second version of the successful fs9 Toolbox is now available. In addition to the features that already existed in the first version, this version brings many new features to improve the flight experience for FS2004 pilots, inluding full dynamic volume control, multi-monitor management and much more.
For more information, see the fs9 Toolbox page.

April 2012: Runway Advisor is available for FSX and FS2004

Simple and useful... These are the best words for this new add-on module for FSX and fs9. It provides vocal warnings during taxi when the aircraft is approaching or entering a runway. It works with every aircrafts on every Flight Simulator airports.
For more information, see the Runway Advisor page.

January 2012: Bug fixed in FSUIPC Exporter and new LINDA profile

A bug has been found in the latest version of FSUIPC Exporter for Airbus Evolution 1.1 (version number 3512), on fs9 and FSX, with the ENG Bleed 1 & 2. It has been fixed and the updated FSUIPC Exporter is online.

In addition, a new LINDA profile has been released by Capt Pero, taking advantage of the new features of the latest release of FSUIPC Exporter (version 1.1). I thank Peter for this. This profile can be downloaded here.

January 2012: Happy New Year !!

It is the time to wish you all a happy new year 2012, full of joy and hapiness, health, prosperity and... flight simming.

GOOD NEWS !! For the new year, I am happy to announce the final version of the FSUIPC Exporter for FS2004 and FSX. All the functions of the Wilco Airbus Series are now available through FSUIPC offsets, especially the overhead controls that were missing and expected for so long.
For more details, please refer to the FSUIPC Exporter page.

December 2011: New Version of the FSUIPC Exporter

Just before Christmas, some of you will be happy to know a new version of the FSUIPC Exporter is now available. It provides new offsets to control autobrakes, APU, lights and anti-ice. The work is going on to provide all the missing offsets to control the rest of the overhead buttons and switches, a new version will be available early 2012. This new version is available for FSUIPC Exporter customers with no additional cost. For more information, see the FSUIPC Exporter page.

December 2011: FSCockpit MCDU Driver for FeelThere/Wilco Airbus Series

FSCockpit keeps producing hardware devices, the Airbus MCDU is now available. Still very good quality with a very attractive price compared to its competitors, this MCDU also has its driver for the Wilco Airbus Series Volume 1 & 2, developed by my partner Fabio Merlo. This driver works on FS2004 and FSX and lets you use the MCDU in "plug & play" mode. For more information about the MCDU, click here. Fabio Merlo's driver is available on SimMarket for FS2004 and for FSX.

December 2011: LINDA Profile for FeelThere/Wilco Airbus Series

Capt PERO has just released a LINDA profile for the Wilco Airbus Series Volume 1 & 2. As it is based on the FSUIPC Exporter, this profile handles almost all the Airbus-specific controls and avoids the usage of mouse-click macros. All the cockpit builders who use LINDA should be happy about this new profile. Note that the profile will be improved as soon as new offsets are available with FSUIPC Exporter (hopefully very soon).
For more information about this profile, see the dedicated AVSIM forum here:

June 2011: FSCockpit FCU+EFIS Driver for FeelThere/Wilco Airbus Series

FSCockpit has released the Airbus Flight Control Unit (FCU) and EFIS Control Panel. This is a great piece of hardware for a lower price than the competition. Consequently, I have developed the software for a full integration of these devices with the Wilco Airbus Series Volume 1 & 2 (any version). The software has a limited evaluation period and works with FS2004 and FSX. For more information, click here.

May 2011: VRInsight CDU II Driver for FeelThere/Wilco Airbus Series

This software module provides full integration of the VRInsight CDU II device with the Wilco Airbus Series Volume 1 & 2 (any version). No more need of FSUIPC, key press emulation or mouse click generation, it is seamless integration. The module has a 10 days evaluation period and works with FS2004 and FSX. For more information, click here.

April 2011: FSUIPC Exporter News

Development goes on with the FSUIPC Exporter. The latest addition is the ability to control the MCDU keys through FSUIPC offsets, so important for owners of OpenCockpit MCDU or VRInsight CDU, no more need of macros or keypress emulation. More and more variables are available, allowing the FSUIPC Exporter to control the FCU, EFIS Control Panel and Glareshield, the Engines (starters, levers, FADEC mode), the ECAM Control Panel, the MCDU and more...
In addition, the trial bug has been fixed so that this module can now be tested during 10 minutes after FS has started. For more information, see the FSUIPC Exporter page here.

February 2011: Release of the Wilco Airbus Evolution

With the release of the Wilco Airbus Evolution, many people asked me questions about this new version, here are the answers:

December 2010: Driver for CockpitSonic RMP hardware

A new driver is available for Wilco Airbus aircraft, to support another CockpitSonic hardware: the Radio Management Panel (RMP). Cockpit Builders may want to read this page for more information.

December 2010: AVG, A New Gauge Display Technology

The first AVG-based panel has just been released. AVG is a new technology that provides smooth, fast and accurate animation for analog gauges usually found in General Aviation aircrafts. Don't miss this, jump now to the AVG page for more information.

November 2010: FSUIPC Exporter

Home Cockpit Builders will certainly be happy to know that I began the development of an FSUIPC interface for the Wilco Airbus Series. The goal of this product, called FSUIPC Exporter, is to make some Airbus internal variables available though FSUIPC offsets. At this early stage of development, only the FCU variables have been made available. Some hardware vendors already use it successfully. Many other variables will become available soon. For more information, see the FSUIPC Exporter page.

April 2010: Upgrade for Airbus Series Volume 1 & 2

Some of you already know an upgrade is available for the Airbus Series Volume 1 and Volume 2 since early 2010. This upgrade has been initially developed for the integration of the CockpitSonic MCDU, but it can be used as a standalone product, without any hardware. A new page has been designed for this upgrade, with documentation and FAQ. For more information, see here.

January 2010: Upgrade for Airbus Series Volume 2

After the success of the upgrade for Airbus Series Volume 1, many of you pushed me to release the same upgrade for Volume 2. It was planned for end of february, but I had so many requests that I worked on it earlier than expected. It is now available. For more information about the Volume1/Volume2 upgrade, see here.
If you want to get it, please contact me directly.

December 2009: ECAM Control Panel

A new item has been added in the "Cockpit" section: the interface that manages the ECAM Control Panel proposed by CockpitSonic in the Wilco Airbus Series aircrafts. For more information, see here.

November 2009: Airbus Upgrade

The global Airbus upgrade provided with the CockpitSonic MCDU driver can now be purchased independantly, without the MCDU driver, at a much lower price than the MCDU driver. The full description of this upgrade is available here.
For more information or for purchasing, please contact me here.

November 2009: New Cockpit Section

A new "Cockpit" section dedicated to the cockpit builders has just been created in order to make the navigation easier. This section describes all the drivers developed for hardware systems, such as the CPFlight FCU or the MCDU from CockpitSonic.
This section is available here or can be accessed through the URL:

October 2009: Mirage 2000C RDI

Thanks to a fruitful collaboration with the GMax Academy, I am happy to be able to propose here a fantastic Mirage 2000C. Developed by members of the GMax Academy, and improved by myself on the panel side, the result has to be seen now on the Mirage 2000 page !!

September 2009: The F-16 is back online !!

The F-16 comes back on my web site !! After being transfered to our SimScape partner, a new F-16 package is available here. A new 3D model, a new flight model (by Kirk Olsson), new textures, a new F-16 Block 20 panel and a new packaging (the Block 50 is still available at SimScape here)

To see this, refer immediately to the F-16 page HERE.

January 2009: CPFlight Driver for FeelThere/Wilco Airbus Series

The CPFlight FCU is a great hardware device to control the Airbus aircrafts. It includes the Flight Control Unit (FCU) and the 2 EFIS Control Panels, for the Captain and for the First Officer.
I have developed a module, for FS2004 and for FSX, which provides a full integration of this device with the Airbus Series Volume 1 & 2. No need to configure anything, no need of any key mapping, it is really integrated.

If you are interested in the driver module, click here. Note that a free DEMO version is available for testing purpose.
To know more about the CPFlight hardware, click here.
To know more about the Airbus Series, click Volume 1 or Volume 2.

October 2008: fs9 Toolbox

If,like me, you still like FS2004 more than FSX, if you want to make its life longer by adding some new features, then fs9 Toolbox is for you !!

This is an utility that brings various features. The most important part is the Aricraft Selector that allows a much faster and more efficient aircraft selection. If like me you have many aircrafts and variants (more than 1000) in your collection, you will appreciate it.
fs9 Toolbox also includes a VC Camera that lets you look anywhere using the mouse and move freely in the aircraft, a fly-byview that lets you see you aircraft in flight and some other nice things...

Have a look at  the fs9 Toolbox page for more details. 

October 2008: New Web Site

My website has been completely re-organized: French and English are now in 2 seperate sections and new sections appeared to let you know more about me and about the projects I have been working on.

June 2008: New Mirage 4000 by SimScape

If youremember the Dassault Mirage 4000 I developed with Romain Lucas, you might be happy to know that a new version has been released by my friends at SimScape. The new version includes a new panel that is 100% compatible with FSX, with a brand new HUD that uses the real Mirage symbology. It also has new afterburner effects and updated textures. For more information, see the SimScape Mirage 4000 page.

June 2008: SimScape, The New Development Team

Time is missing for me to develop and distribute all the interesting stuff I have for FS2004 and FSX. For this reason, I have decided to transfer part of my source code and knowledge to a new French development team, who will be in charge of finalizing and distributing new products for FS2004 and FSX.
The new team is called SimScape, don't hesitate to see their website:
They already have interesting products available, such as a new F-16 panel equiped with an incredible Head-Up Display !!

April 2008: Radar Documentation in French

French speaking radar users will be happy to see the documentation is now available in French. Go to the radar page to get it.

January 2008: New ATC Radar Available !!

A brand new radar is now available for FS2004 and FSX. It is designed tobe usedby Air Traffic Controllers to control flying aircrafts in FS multiplayer sessions or IBNet sessions. It can also be used to watch the AI traffic. Click here for more information.

November 2007: Thank you for the AVSIM Readers Choice Award for the Radar

The new GDI+ Radar gauge has just received the Readers Choice award from AVSIM. I thank you all for this reward, especially those of you who voted for it. This is a meaningful award and I am honoured to have it.

AVSIM Readers Choice 2007 Award

June 2007: The new Radar Gauge v2.0 has been released !!

Some of you already knew I was working on a new version of the radar gauge. It is now finished and released. The new radar is now fully compatible with FS2004 and FSX, it does not require FSUIPC any more, uses GDI+ graphics for improved rendering and performance and it displays the other player aircrafts during multi-player sessions, even with IBNet. It is available in multiple colors and shapes.
Have a look at the new radar page.

Airbus panel support and FSX

The current version of my Airbus panels, which used to be available here, are not supported any more. This is why they are not available for download and will not be ported to FSX.