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This section is dedicated to help all the flight simmers who want to build a cockpit based on the Wilco Airbus Series aircrafts. It is not limited to people who build full-size cockpits that are extremely realistic... All the people who use hardware or software application are invited to read this page, including the "armchair pilots", like me, who just have the devices on their desk.

Here is what you can find in this section:

Device Drivers
Software modules to make hardware devices fully compatible with the Wilco Airbus Series Volume 1 & 2. Supported devices are from FlightDeck SOlutions, CockpitSonic, CPFlight, FSCocpkit, VRInsight and VAS.

FSUIPC Exporter
Software module that provides additional FSUIPC offsets for the Wilco AIrbus Series Volume 1 & 2. Many specific features of these aircrafts become accessible for external application or external systems, such as input/output cards. This is the most useful tool for cockpit builders.

External EFIS
The Airbus Engine/Warning Display (E/WD) and System Display (SD), also known as upper/lower ECAMs, are available as standalone applications, letting you run them separately from Flight SImulator, possibly on a separate PC.

Here are some examples of some cockpits based on the A320 from the Wilco Airbus Series Volume 1 and based on the software presented in this section, especially the FSUIPC Exporter module:
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Frank Elbet