FSUIPC Exporter

What is it ?

The FSUIPC Exporter is a software module (a DLL) that is automatically loaded by FS2004/FSX upon startup. The DLL provides read and/or write access to internal variables of the Wilco Airbus aircrafts through FSUIPC offsets. These internal variables are variables that manage the behavior of the Airbus aircrafts. Complex aircrafts like these can not be modeled using only the standard variables provided by Flight Simulator (FS2004 or FSX), so many variables had to be created to make all the systems work. All the standard FS variables (aircraft position, altitude, speed, ...) are accessible through standard FSUIPC offsets described in the FSUIPC documentation. The FSUIPC Exporter extends the list of available offsets to provide additional access to Airbus internal variables. All the new FSUIPC offsets are fully documented.

In its current version, the FSUIPC Exporter provides access to:
This module was originally developed for hardware manufacturers to interface their hardware with the Wilco Airbus aircrafts. This software module can also be used to interface any software application with the Wilco Airbus Series aircrafts. Any supported part of the aircraft is fully controllable by an external application. It means that an external application, local or remote (with WideFS), can trigger commands or read values through FSUIPC offsets.

Main panel supported parts:

FSUIPC Exporter supported parts

All the overhead functions are supported:


The documentation provides the list of all availables offsets. It is available here to let you understand exactly what panel parts are currently supported. This list will be extended in the future so that many more internal variables will be made available to FSUIPC.

External Applications

In order to test this module, some applications were developed to validate the ability to control Airbus functions from an external application or an external system. Most of them are designed using the Windows interface (MFC), not very good-looking, in the objective of demonstratinghow external applicaitons can fully control the Wilco Airbus. The source code of these applications can be provided under conditions to developers who want to better understand how the FSUIPC Exporter works.

MCDU tester

Engine tester

Glareshield tester

EFIS Brightness tester

On the other hand, the Airbus Flight Control Unit uses the same Airbus look-and-feel as in Flight Simulator. It is much nicer and looks so realistic that it can be used on a secondary PC to control the Airbus FCU, for any aircraft of the Airbus Series Volume 1 & Volume 2. This application can be purchased separately or it can be provided for free under certain conditions.
If you are interested in getting the External FCU, please contact me here.

External FCU

Development will continue on this base. The goal is that all the internal variables are available through FSUIPC offsets so that any application can interact with all the Wilco Airbus systems. When this goal will be reached, cockpit builders will be able to build a complete Airbus cockpit based on the Wilco Airbus aircrafts.

Download & Purchase

The product comes as an auto-installer that makes installation and registration very easy. The product can be installed and use freely (without registration key) during 10 minutes after Flight Simulator startup. The limit disapears as soon as a license key is registered.
The price of the product is 59.90 Euros, payable by Paypal secured payment. A key is sent within 24 hours after purchase.

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