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Which EasyFMC for you ?

EasyFMC is now available in 3 different packages, there is certainly one for you.
If you don't know what to choose or you want to know more about EasyFMC, please refer to this page.

EasyFMC as a Gauge EasyFMC Mobile External EasyFMC

EasyFMC as a Gauge

This is the most popular package because it is easy to install and use, you don't need anything else that your favorite simulator, FSX, Prepar3D or FS2004.

EasyFMC can be installed in any aircraft as a panel gauge and runs within the simulator.

The video shows the general usage of EasyFMC as a gauge installed in the FSX 737.

For more information, please refer to the EasyFMC page.

EasyFMC Mobile

EasyFMC Mobile

This specific version of EasyFMC runs in any web browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, ...), allowing it to run on any device:

  • Computer: PC, Mac
  • Tablet: iPad (iOS), Android tablet, ...
  • Smartphone: iPhone, Android, ...

This picture shows the Boeing EasyFMC running on an Android phone in the Google Chrome web vrowser.

EasyFMC Mobile comes with an automatic installer that installs all the necessary components on your computer, including a web server, so that you can connect with any device.

For more information, please refer to the EasyFMC Mobile page.

External EasyFMC

EasyFMC is also available as a standalone Windows application. Each External EasyFMC application runs independently from the simulator. It links to the simulator using FSUIPC and can run on any networked computer using WideFS.

2 applications are available: 1 for the Airbus look-and-feel and 1 for the Boeing look-and-feel.

For more information, please refer to the External EasyFMC page.

External EasyFMC


The full EasyFMC documentation is available here. It describes all the EasyFMC features in details. Don't hesitate to read it for comprehensive information about the product, whatever version you are interested in.
It is also available in PDF format here.