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EasyFMC in a Web Browser

EasyFMC Mobile is a simple and universal Flight Managament Computer. It offers exactly the same features as EasyFMC, described on the EasyFMC page and the EasyFMC documentation.

It requires no navigation database, it can be used with any aircraft and it is provided with 2 FMC look-and-feel: Airbus and Boeing.

EasyFMC Mobile is a specific version of EasyFMC that can run in any browser, including smartphone and tablet browsers. It does not require the basic version of EasyFMC or FSUIPC.

It is compatible with FSX, P3D and FS2004.

EasyFMC Mobile uses a web server that must run on the same machine as the simulator and the web browser that runs EasyFMC Mobile can run on any device: PC, Mac; iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet, anywhere...



How does it work?

EasyFMC Mobile uses the simulator (FSX/P3D/FS2004) internal navigation database so it needs to have a gauge running into the simulator to collect the navigation information and provide it to the web server. This gauge is called a Mobile Data Collector Gauge (or MDCG).

Here is a diagram showing how it works :

Don't worry if you don't understand all this, the installer will automatically install and set up all the necessary components for you. This information is provided for experts only.


The usage is very simple, it just requires to have the Mobile Data Collector Gauge installed in the panel of the aircraft you want to fly with EasyFMC Mobile. A "Panel Updater" application is provided in the package to automatically add this gauge for you.Panel Updater

When this is done, you just have to start the EasyFMC Mobile Web Server and you are ready to go...

Web Server

Any browser can be used to run EasyFMC with the Boeing or Airbus look-and-feel, as shown on the images below.

EasyFMC Mobile has been tested on the following browsers:

Welcome Page

Boeing CDU on Android phoneAirbus MCDU on iPad
EasyFMC Mobile welcome page on Chrome (PC)Boeing CDU on Android smartphoneAirbus MCDU on iPad


EasyFMC Mobile comes with an automatic installer that installs all the necessary parts of the package:

FSX Package FSX-SE PackagePrepar3D PackageFS2004 Package
Download FSX InstallerDownload FSX-SE Installer Download P3D installerDownload FS2004 Installer

Try before you Buy

You can download and install EasyFMC Mobile for free. At the end of the installation process, the Panel Updater utility starts and asks for a registration key. Just press 'Cancel' to ignore this and you are free to use the product during a trial period of 10 minutes.

If you have any doubt about this product, please try it before you buy to make sure it works on your system. Please read the documentation carefully (very short and easy to read) to make sure you install and use it properly.


The price of EasyFMC Mobile for any simulator (FSX, P3Dv3 or FS2004) is 22.90 Euros. Buying a single license allows you to use this product with any simulator, FSX, P3D or FS2004, with a single registration.

Click on the button below to pay securely using PayPal. When the payment is finalized, you will receive your registration key within 24 hours.

Buy EasyFMC Mobile for P3D/FSX/FS2004


The full product documentation is available here. It describes all the EasyFMC features in details. Don't hesitate to read it for comprehensive information about the product.
It is also available in PDF format here.

In order to understand all the EasyFMC features, uou may also have to read the EasyFMC documentation here, available in PDF here.