Lockheed-Martin F-16 Block 20 Panel

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5 Aircraft Models, 6 Textures and a New Packaging

This new F-16 package includes a new F-16 Viper aircraft developed by Kirk Olsson. The 3D model and the flight model were updated by Kirk Olsson and they are provided for free in this package. The good old Block 20 panel has been updated to include the new Radar Gauge and the F-16 Head-Up Display (HUD) developed by SimScape. They are the only paying parts of this panel.

Thanks to the partnership with SimScape, the packaging has been made easy:
Purchasing is easy because you can purchase the Radar and the HUD as a single bundle. Installation is easy because you have a single installer for the whole package (including the aircraft, the textures, the panel, and the Radar/HUD bundle). Usage is easy because you have a single registration key for the 2 paying products.
In addition, the paying Radar and HUD have a free time-limited evaluation period so that you can test them before deciding if you want to buy them.

If you have any question about this new package, please read its dedicated FAQ here.

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Main features

For more information about the Radar usage, please see this page or see the documentation here.
For more information about the HUD, please see this page or download the documentation here.

NOTE: The Radar and HUD have a time-limited evaluation period. They are fully functional during 5 minutes after Flight Simulator has been started.


Click on the link below to downlad the full package auto-installer:

F-16 Block 20 Package
for FS2004

The panel includes a time-limited version of the Radar and HUD. Please read the section below to purchase the unlimited license.

Licensing and Registration

The Radar and F-16 Head-Up Display can be purchased here as a bundle. The price is 15.90 €, lower than the Radar and HUD purchased separately. Click on the button below to pay securely using Paypal. Note that you don't need to have a Paypal account, major credit cards are accepted.

Buy F-16 Radar/HUD
Bundle now

Important Note:
If you have already purchased the Radar and the HUD separately, you don't have to purchase this bundle. In this case, the panel will be fully functional, without any limitation.

Copyright Information


For easier installation and to provide a self-sufficient product, this F-16 is packaged with a freeware F-16 aircraft. This aircraft is the beautiful and popular F-16 Viper created by Kirk Olsson. I had the authorization from the author to include his aircraft in my package, as long as the aircraft remains freeware. I thank Kirk Olsson for this.


The panel is based on graphics designed by Johan Peeters, who gave me the authorization to use them for the F-16 Block 20 panel. I thank Johan for this.
Some gauges are old freeware gauges developed since FS98 by freeware developers. I was unable to contact all the authors to ask them the authorization to use the gauges in this panel. This is why these gauges are freeware and must remain freeware.

Radar and Head-Up Display

These 2 panel pieces are not freeware. They are the only paying parts of this package. The radar is developed by myself and the HUD is developed by SimScape. Each can be purchased separately, but they are provided here as a bundle to lower the price and make the registration easier.


You say the aircraft and the panel is freeware, so why do I have to pay ?
The aircraft and its panel are freeware, this is true. If you download this package, you can fly the aircraft with a functional panel without paying anything.
Nevertheless, some optional parts of the panel are paying: the radar and the head-up display (HUD). You are free to pay for these parts, or to use the aircraft for free without these parts.

You say the radar and the HUD have a time-limited trial period of 5 minutes. I loaded the aircraft in FS and the radar/HUD is not working. Why?
This is true. The radar and the HUD both have a 5 minutes trial period. But keep in mind that they work for 5 minutes after FS has been started. If you have started FS 30 minutes ago, the radar and HUD will not work at all. You need to restart FS and select the aircraft. Then you can use the radar and HUD for 5 minutes.

I have decided to pay for the HUD and the radar. Can I use them in other aircrafts?
Yes you can, as long as the other aircrafts are for your own personal usage. The radar and the HUD are packaged as gauges, so you can use them in any aircraft panel by just editing the panel.cfg file.
You are not allowed to distribute any part of the package, not even the freeware parts (aircraft, panel, sound) without the written authorization of the author.

Your panel is very good, can I use it for professional training?
No, this is strictly forbidden. The license you get when buying these products is limited to personal usage only. A professional license is available, please contact me if you want to get it.