Take advantage of sub-pixel resolution, anti-aliasing and smooth animation for all your analog instruments

What is AVG ?

AVG is a technology designed for Flight Simulator analog gauges, compatible with FS2004 and any FSX edition. Just like the SDK provided by Microsoft, it animates bitmap elements (translation, rotation, …) to model analog gauges usually found in general aviation aircrafts. Unlike the gauges developed with the Microsoft SDK in C/C++ or XML, AVG provides smooth animations that can not be obtained with the SDK. This goal is achieved by using an advanced graphic library that manages sub-pixel resolution and anti-aliasing for bitmap animations. For example, unlike the “standard” gauges that rotate degree by degree, AVG provide a smooth animation that lets the pilot fly the aircraft very accurately. AVG provides the necessary precision required for IFR flights.

Any gauge developed with AVG works in FS2004 and FSX, can be rendered in 2D panel and in Virtual Cockpit, supports day and night lighting, without any performance impact.

The AVG technology can be used to create gauges that run outside of Flight Simulator, in a separate application that can run locally or on a separate PC.

Gauges developed with AVG

At this time, only a gauge set is developed for the standard C172 included in FS2004 and FSX. The 6 gauges (airspeed, attitude, altitude, turn, heading and vertical speed) are integrated in a C172 modified panel used as a technology demonstrator. It lets you compare the standard C172 gauges with the ones developed with AVG. For this reason, the exact same graphic elements were used to make the comparison easier and 4 popup windows were added to compare instruments side-by-side. In my opinion, the panel is not that nice, but the goal is just to validate the technology.

Above - The modified C172 panel in FS2004. It seems there is no difference with the standard panel.
The Standard airspeed gauge next to the AVG airspeed gauge. On a static pitcture, they look the same, except the AVG logo.

The difference is only visible when the gauge is animated within Flight Simulator.
Attitude Indicator
Same for the attitude indicator and the Altimeter...Altimeter

I need YOU !!

Now that the technology is working fine, the time has come to use it to build nice gauges. The technology is nothing without an artist touch.

The graphic elements used in AVG are exactly the same as the ones needed for standard C/C++ or XML gauges. They can be in 256-color or 16-million color mode, in BMP or any other common image format.

Do not hesitate to contact me here if you think we can work together or if you need any information.

Try it NOW

The C172 modified panel is available for FS2004 and FSX (any edition).
It is free but the AVG gauge usage is limited to 30 minutes after Flight SImulator has been started.

FS2004 versionFSX version
Download FS2004 InstallerDownload FSX Installer

The installation is fully automatic. After you have installed this AVG panel, load your C172 and choose the AVG Updated Panel variation.