ATC Radar version 2.0

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What is it ?

It is a radar dedicated to Air Traffic Control (ATC). It lets the controller watch the other FS aircrafts: AI Traffic, FS multiplayer or IBNet. This radar is especially well suited for online flights with a controller in charge of guiding aircrafts along the correct path. With IBNet, it can be used for military purpose to guide hostile interception or for military ATC. The best way to have comprehensive information about this product is to read the documentation (in English). It explains the radar installation and usage in details.


Click the button below to download the ATC radar installer for FS2004 and/or FSX (the ATC radar is the same for FS2004 and FSX, but the installers are slightly different).
Note that if you want to use the radargauge for both FS2004 and FSX, you need to run both installers (one for FS2004 and one for FSX).

FS2004 Installer FSX Installer
Download FS2004 Installer ATC RAdar Installer for FSX


The price of the radar is only 12.90 Euros. Click on the button below to pay securely using PayPal. When the payment is finalized, you will receive a key within 24 hours that lets you register the radar to use it without any limit.


Note: If you use the radar gauge for both FS2004 and FSX, you need to run the installer twice.


This documentation explains all the features of the ATC Radar.

ATC Radar


Standard display

Standard display without airspaces.

Radar display on top of terrain elevation.

User tool to measure distance/heading between aircrafts.