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What is it ?

fs9 Toolbox is an add-on module designed for fs9 (FS2004) to add new features that are missing in Flight Simulator, including some features that exist in FSX. If, like me and some other "old" virtual pilots, you still fly the good old FS2004, fs9 Toolbox is an add-on for you.

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The first version of fs9 Toolbox brought these features:

fs9 Toolbox version 2 was developed with a goal in mind: let the pilot change FS settings without stopping the simulation, which is especially important if you fly on a network such as IVAO or VATSIM. The new features are:

Click one of the links below to read each feature description:

Virtual Cockpit Camera
Fly-by Camera Aircraft Selector
Multi-Monitor Fader Control Volume Control
Steerable Push-back Real-Time Settings Keys Management

All these features are described in detail in the product documentation.


Click the button below to download the installer for FS2004. Remember this product is for FS2004 only.

Download fs9 Toolbox v2 Installer


This product is available for 13.90 Euros. By clicking the button below,you will access the purchase page that will let you pay securely using Paypal.
As soon as the payment is received, you will get a key to register.

BUY fs9 Toolbox v2

Note for existing version 1 users:
On the payment page, existing fs9 Toolbox users have the ability to pay only the 5.00 € difference for the version 2 upgrade. I regret existing users have to pay for version 2, it is because I have to pay a contribution fee to a partner developer.