Dassault Mirage 2000C-RDI

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Designed by the GMax Academy, improved by SimScape and myself (FS2004 only)

Thanks to the collaboration with the GMax Academy, I had the opportunity to upgrade their great Mirage 2000. Developed by Pierre Marchadier and Jonathan Hilaire, I upgraded one of the available models to improve their panel by including the Radar Gauge 2.0 and the Mirage Head-Up Display (HUD) developed by SimScape.

This upgrade is limited to the Mirage 2000C RDI, which is my favorite model. Many other models, with many liveries, are available on the GMax Academy website. In order to make the installer lighter, I packaged only one aircraft model with only one livery.

The Radar and the HUD are payware, they are sold together within a bundle. They both have a free trail period so that you can test them before deciding if you buy or not. Try them now!!

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Pierre Marchadier and Jonathan Hilaire made a great work on the aircraft and its panel. The visual model is excellent, and the flight model is perfect, as far as I can imagine (I never flew a Mirage...)

Regarding the panel, Jonathan had the great idea to propose 3 different front views, depending on the current flight phase: flying, landing or interception. With the addition of my bundle, composed of the radar and the HUD linked together, the result is just fantastic.


You can download the full package package for FS2004 HERE (auto-installer, 40 MB) 

The panel includes a time-limited version of my Radar Gauge 2.0 and the SimScape Head-Up Display (5 minutes trial period). They are bundled together, which means you can purchase a single registration key for both products, for a lower price than if you had to buy them separately. Easier and cheaper...
If you decide to purchase these panel elements, you can use them in other aircrafts. For more information about this, please read the Mirage FAQ.

Licensing & Registration

The Radar and Mirage Head-Up Display can be purchased here as a bundle. The price is 15.90 €.
Click the link below to pay securely using Paypal. Note that you don't need to have a Paypal account, major credit cards are accepted.

Buy Mirage Radar/HUD
Bundle now

Important Note:
If you have already purchased the Radar and the HUD separately, you don't have to purchase this bundle. In this case, the panel will be fully functional, without any limitation.

Copyright Information

Aircraft & Panel

The Mirage 2000 and its panel are the property of Pierre Marchadier and Jonathan Hilaire, from the GMax Academy. I had the authorization from the authors to improve their panel and provide it as a new package. I thank Pierre for this favor.

Radar and Head-Up Display

These 2 panel parts are not freeware. They are the only paying parts of this package. The radar is developed by myself and the HUD is developed by SimScape. Each can be purchased separately, but they are provided here as a bundle to lower the price and make the registration easier.


You say the aircraft and the panel is freeware, so why do I have to pay ?
The aircraft and its panel are freeware, this is true. If you download this package, you can fly the aircraft with a functional panel without paying anything.
Nevertheless, some optional parts of the panel are paying: the radar and the head-up display (HUD). You are free to pay for these parts, or to use the aircraft for free without these parts.

You say the radar and the HUD have a time-limited trial period of 5 minutes. I loaded the aircraft in FS and the radar/HUD is not working. Why?
This is true. The radar and the HUD both have a 5 minutes trial period. But keep in mind that they work for 5 minutes after FS has been started. If you have started FS 30 minutes ago, the radar and HUD will not work at all. You need to restart FS and select the aircraft. Then you can use the radar and HUD for 5 minutes.

I have decided to pay for the HUD and the radar. Can I use them in other aircrafts?
Yes you can, as long as the other aircrafts are for your own personal usage. The radar and the HUD are packaged as gauges, so you can use them in any aircraft panel by just editing the panel.cfg file.
You are not allowed to distribute any part of the package, not even the freeware parts (aircraft, panel, sound) without the written authorization of the author.

Your panel is very good, can I use it for professional training?
No, this is strictly forbidden. The license you get when buying these products is limited to personal usage only. A professional license is available, please contact me if you want to get it.