Airbus Extensions

What is it ?

Airbus Extensions is a set of independant software modules designed to improve the user experience of the Airbus Series Volume 1 and Volume 2 aircrafts distributed by Wilco Publishing.
Some users asked for external applications that allows some systems to run indepnedantly from Flight Simulator through FSUIPC. This is especially interesting for people who can run these applications on several machines, which can be done with WideFS.

The available modules are the following:

All these modules can be downloaded for free so that you can test them during 5 minutes after Flight Simulator startup. A key can be purchased for an unlimited usage.

All these software modules are designed to be extended in the future.
If you are interested in purchasing any of these modules, please contact me here:

FSUIPC Exporter

This module is a DLL that is automatically loaded by FS2004/FSX upon startup. The DLL provides read and/or write access to internal variables of the Wilco Airbus aircrafts through FSUIPC offsets. These internal variables are variables that manage the behavior of the Airbus aircrafts. Complex aircrafts like these can not be modeled using only the standard variables provided by Flight Simulator (FS2004 or FSX), so many variables had to be created to make all the systems work. All the standard FS variables (aircraft position, altitude, speed, ...) are accessible through standard FSUIPC offsets described in the FSUIPC documentation. The FSUIPC Exporter extends the list of available offsets to provide additional access to Airbus internal variables. All the new FSUIPC offsets are fully documented.

In its current version, the FSUIPC Exporter provides access to:
This module is in perpetual development so the list presented here will get bigger in a short future.
This module was originally developed for hardware manufacturers to interface their hardware with the Wilco Airbus aircrafts. This software module can also be used to interface any software application with the Wilco Airbus Series aircrafts.Any supported part of the aircraft is fully controllable by an external application. It means that a external application, local or remote (with WideFS), can trigger commands or read values through FSUIPC offsets.

FSUIPC Exporter supported parts

The documentation provides the list of all availables offsets. It is available here to let you understand exactly what panel parts are currently supported.

This list will be extended in the future so that many more internal variables will be made available to FSUIPC. Some testing applications have been developed to validate the ability to control Airbus functions from an external application. Some are designed using the Windows interface (MFC), others use the same Airbus look and feel as in Flight Simulator. The goal is to demonstrate how external applicaitons can fully control the Wilco Airbus. The source code of these applications can be provided under conditions to developers who want to better understand how the FSUIPC Exporter works.

External FCUMCDU tester

Glareshield testerEFIS Brightness testerEngine tester

Development will continue on this base. The goal is that all the internal variables are available through FSUIPC offsets so that any application can interact with all the Wilco Airbus systems. When this goal will be reached, cockpit builders will be able to build a complete Airbus cockpit based on the Wilco Airbus aircrafts.

The product comes as an auto-installer that makes installation and registration very easy. The product can be installed and use freely during 10 minutes after Flight Simulator startup. The limit disapears if a license key is purchased. In order to get a key, please contact me here.

Download FSUIPC Exporter for FS2004

Download FSUIPC Exporter for FSX

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Important Notes:

External EFIS

The external EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument Systems) proposed here are stand-alone applications, .exe files. The EFIS connect to Flight Simulator (FS2004 or FSX) through FSUIPC to display the necessary information. These applications can also run on a separate PC if WideFS is used (WideFS sends the FSUIPC data on a remote machine on the network). These EFIS are especially interesting for users who plan to build their own cockpit based on Wilco Airbus aircrafts or for those who are lucky enough to have several PCs dedicated to simulation.

External EFIS can be moved and sized as you wish, displayed with or without menu bar, with or without window borders. The configuration of each window is persisted so that each time an EFIS application is lauched, the window opens at the same place, with the same size and with the same options as the last time it was closed. This is especially important for users who have very specific displays accurately positioned on the screen.

E/WD with Menu and BorderE/WD, no menu and borderE/WD; no menu, no border

Important Notes:

External Engine/Warning Display (E/WD)

The Engine/Warning Display, also called "Upper ECAM" (Electronic Centrelized Aircraft Monitor). This screen is located on the center part of the cockpit so that it can be seen by the Captain and the First Officer. It displays engine information and alert messages for the crew.

The E/WD proposed here is an external stand-alone application that requires FSUIPC (registered) to conenct to Flight Simulator (FS2004 or FSX) and get the necessary data. WideFS can be used to run this application on a remote PC.

The current version of the E/WD is limited version of the real E/WD. It only displays standard information provided by FSIUPC through standard offsets. The Airbus-specific information is not displayed on this E/WD. This will change in a future version.

The external E/WD can be downloaded for free and used for 5 minutes after Flight Simulator startup. You can buy a license key to get rid of this limitation. For more information about buying this product, please contact me here.

Download External E/WD
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Note: The current version of  the E/WD does not require the FSUIPC_Exporter.

External System Display (SD)

The System Display (SD), also known as "Lower ECAM", is located in the middle part of the cockpit, below the E/WD. It is dedicated to the display of system information pages, selected automatically according to the context or manually using the ECAM Control Panel pushbuttons.

Just like the E/WD described in the previous section, the external SD is an stand-alone application (executable file) that can run on a separate machine if you wish.

The current version of the SD limited, it can only display Flight Simulator standard information provided by FSUIPC. The Wilco Airbus-specific information are not displayed in this version. As the SD selected page is not available through FSUIPC, only the FUEL page can be displayed. This will change in the future versions of the external SD.

Download External SD
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Note: In its current version, the external SD does not require the FSUIPC Exporter.